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At Ascot Diet Clinic, we use homeopathic injections to increase metabolism and break down fat. This is combined with various medicines including an appetite suppressant to subdue your hunger cravings as well as a booster when you get stuck on plateau and you can’t lose any more weight. Most of the products we use are natural and all the products are absolutely safe. Even medical doctors refer their obese patients to us as our medication is nature and can be taken safely with most medications.
Today the Ascot Diet Clinic program has a high profile, with clinics in South Africa and Mozambique, as well as global clients in Australia, England, Dubai, and Zimbabwe. Features: A diet strategy that includes injections to speed up metabolism and brake-down fat, an appetite suppressant to subdue the hunger pains and a well-balanced nutritional eating plan is the cornerstone of the Ascot Diet plan. A one-on-one weekly appointment with our Ascot Diet Clinic team not only helps with maintaining your diet, but also allows for weekly weigh-ins and gives you the necessary support as you undergo this life altering change. The Ascot Diet plan is so innovative that little to no exercise is needed, but participation in an activity is always encouraged.
We have several other eating plans like vegetarian, banting, vegan, with wine etc. In Detail:
• Number of years franchise in operation: 20 years.
• Number of franchisees: 40 franchises in South Africa alone.
• Number of employees: 1 or 2 depending on your requirements.
• Trading hours: Flexible depending on the area.
• Average monthly turnover: R60 – R100k depending on the area.
• Nett Annual Profit: approx. R25,5 – 42,5k depending on the area.
• Percentage Profit Margin: 42,50%
• Rental Space Requirement: 12 m2 maximum. Premises Depending on your area and your client base, the diet clinic can be in a shopping mall, strip-mall or at your home (to be approved by franchisor). You don’t need a lot of space, enough for a desk and a few visitors’ chair and a space for the scale to weight the customers. Approximate space required: 12 m2 or even less. The franchise assesses the geographic area you require against existing franchises to prevent competition in the same area. So once your area has been approved, it will be protected against future Ascot Diet Clinics. Client Base Overweight people wanting to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. From obese people through to people wanting to lose 1-2kgs. It is even safe for children, to help them lose weight.  

Asking Price: R24,000

This superb franchise with awesome growth potential, is well-priced at R24 000.00 which includes the following:

• Fully training on how to run the diet clinic.
• Medication for your first 5 customers – retail value R11, 300.00
• Micro A12 Digital Physician Scale 330kg capacity
• 500 Business cards
• Car door magnets for advertising

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